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Coated Fabrics (SA) (Pty) Ltd are manufacturers of;

  • COFLON® PTFE (TEFLON®) Coated Glass Cloth
  • COSIL® Silicone Coated Glass Cloth
  • Sealing bands and belts
  • THERMCO® Removable Reusable Thermal Insulation Jackets
  • WIZBAKE® PTFE Coated – Reusable Baking/Cooking Sheets

Coated Fabrics (SA) (Pty) Ltd uses only DuPont TEFLON® in manufacturing of our PTFE coated fabrics, and is licensed to use the well-known TEFLON® trademark.


Coated Fabrics (SA) (Pty) Ltd was established in 1990 by Marcel Etter and by Braydon Etter. Our equipment used in the coating of our fabrics is designed and manufactured “in house” and has proven to be reliable throughout our history.

Our equipment was commissioned and we started production in 1991 and started producing our standard range of PTFE coated fabrics that still exist today.

Starting around 1995 we introduced our Removable Reusable Thermal Insulation Jacketing into the South African market. At this time energy was cheap and in good supply and as a result the product took a number of years to gain traction.

During this time we developed our design philosophy and our manufacturing techniques which have stood us in good stead ever since.

We have in the last 3-4 years commissioned new equipment which has streamlined our processes and have improved our production capabilities.

We continue to look to new and innovative solutions to aid us in our production and also towards new and innovative products to suit our customer’s needs.