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THERMCO® – Removable, Reusable Thermal Insulation Jacketing

The ever-increasing cost of fuel and electricity makes it necessary to reduce heat loss through valves, flanges and other insulated equipment.  These areas require periodic inspections and maintenance which then necessitates the removal of the insulation. This could be a costly process with permanent insulation. Thermco® removable and reusable Thermal insulation covers make this process much easier.

Services Offered:

  • A site survey to identify and to calculate the costs of un-insulated items that require insulation for cost saving and personnel protection.
  • A proposal detailing the cost of the heat loss based on fixed principals.
  • A proposal for insulation together with the cost as well as the payback time once installed.
  • Information on estimated cost savings per annum once the cost of insulation has been recouped.


  • Reduces Costs and saves installation time.
  • Easy to remove and re-install.
  • Personnel protection.
  • Improves efficiencies of steam lines and reduces operating costs.

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